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The Vault in the Lightless Future of Destiny 2

Hello Guardians who are anxious to lose their light,

Since The Vault launched back in January 2017; over 75.000 Guardians enjoyed the speed and ease of use of the app. With every update; I tried to add more features like Armor Quality Ratings, Loadouts etc. It must have resonated with you guys; as The Vault is number one rated Destiny Item Manager app on the Play Store with a rating of 4.8 / 5 in over 2,200 ratings. I sincerely want to thank you for supporting me and all of your kind comments on the app.

Now, as we close on the launch day of Destiny 2 at warp speed; there are things that need to be cleared. This article is going to be a FAQ for the questions of The Vault in Destiny 2.

If you have further questions; you can ask me on the official Twitter page.

Will The Vault support Destiny 2?

Yes! Definitely!

Will The Vault support Destiny 2 Beta?

No, unfortunately we are not allowed to access the Bungie API (which makes all of the third party apps possible) until the launch day.

How are you going to support Destiny 2? Will there be a new app?

No, both Destiny 1 and Destiny 2 will be supported on the same app. There will be a prompt of some sort to distinguish Destiny 1 and 2 accounts.

Speaking of which, will Destiny 1 support continue?

Yes, Destiny 1 players can continue to use the app. Bungie will still allow access to Destiny 1 API after the Destiny 2 launch. The Vault will support Destiny 1 as long as the API provides info.

I have already paid for the premium no-ads version of the app. Will I need to pay for Destiny 2, too?

Of course not. If you bought the premium no-ads version; you will continue to enjoy The Vault ad-free without any other purchase.

Will The Vault support Destiny 2 on launch day?

Unfortunately, no. Bungie won’t let us use the API until the launch day; so there is no possibility that any third party app can function on day 1. However, as soon as I am done with the main quest line and gather enough items to be able to test the new version successfully; I will start the new API implementation. This should take at most 2 weeks.

Will all the features of the current app be available right away?

Sadly, no. For instance; Loadouts is a really complex feature and needs a seamless implementation. Therefore; the aim is going to be to offer the basic equipping, transferring and “Grind Mode” options with the initial support release and to gradually add the more complex features afterwards.

There is also the fact that some of the features will no longer make sense. For instance; since the ability cooldowns are locked in Destiny 2; there will not be Tier 12 builds; hence no Armor Quality Ratings.


The Vault: Item Manager for Destiny is Released!

Transfer items between your Vault and Destiny characters easily & automatically.

The Vault is a FREE item manager application for the massively popular shared-world shooter game; Destiny.


The Vault is created keeping the hardcore and casual players in mind and minimises the time and effort required to equip an item, to transfer an item to or from the Vault and to transfer an item between your characters.

The Vault is created by the players; for the players. We know that Guardians want to spent the least amount of time possible navigating through their inventory to equip or transfer items. Therefore; The Vault focuses on speed more than anything else. The application is lightning-fast to launch & show your items and is always responsive.



– Grind Mode: An Automated Inventory Clean-up Feature
The most frustrating thing when you are in a great fire team and completing consecutive strikes, raids, events is getting your inventory filled up with engrams. The Vault has a “Grind Mode” feature that you can turn on with single tap. Grind Mode periodically checks your characters’ inventories for engrams and transfers them to your Vault; so that you always have space for new epic loot.

– Item Sorting: Sort your weapons and armor by light level or rarity.

– Damage Type of Weapons: Shows damage type of weapons on item icon.

– Item Light Level: Shows light level of weapons and armor on item icon